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Dear Frustrated Business Owner,

Most of the prominent online marketers and Internet millionaires have been using Press Release Syndication Services as a major marketing tool, but kept it a hidden secret till now. Are you therefore still finding it almost frustrating to work out how to get laser targeted traffic to your website without spending a huge fortune?

I am quite sure that you have! So don’t feel all by your yourself. At some point every offline or online marketer has walked down exactly that same road – or should I say hobbled down that road?

It is absolutely no secret that there are a huge amount of places claiming to give you loads of traffic that eventually only proves to be real “crappy and junk”.

If you therefore don’t want to spend enormous amounts of your hard earned money to get that much needed, “targeted traffic” and find the people who want your goods and services on offer, then you most certainly got to have another plan, right?

You now probably thinking……


Believe it or not, but the answer is quite simple, and the answers to those questions are all inside this

Money-Making Guide!

Targetted Traffic with Press Releases

And it wouldn’t cost you a blue penny…Would You Be Prepared To Take It?

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For now, you are probably thinking it’s either hard as ever to accomplish this, or it is just too good to be true.

The truth is its not difficult, and it is Genuinely True.

The methodology I have been using, and which has completely changed my business and turned it into a success is really simple and easy to do. Even a newbie could also do it.

All this unthinkable credit lies in……………

 Press Release Syndication Services

and I am going to teach you how. But first let me explain why Press Releases are so powerful.

Press Release Marketing Advantage

But, there is much more to this than just putting out a Press Release

You need to also know how to effectively write one and how to profit with it.

You have to know how to not “sell” in your Press Release, but just inform and give the people the information you have.

You have to know what to do with them once you’ve mastered the art of Writing a Compelling Press Release, and a fairly comprehensive list of other things as well.

Your chance to have all of that information is available to you right here and you can access it today!



Press Release Booster



Press Release Booster

For now, it really does not matter if you are a complete newbie at Writing Press Releases or if you’re a seasoned writer, this helpful tool I’ve created can give you a wealth of ideas and strategies to put into action and produce steady chunks of cash each time you put out a press release.

Here is a taste of some of the topics covered in this exclusive report…

  • The right way to format your press release to appeal to your readers, potential customers and of course, the journalists as well!
  • Still a novice when it comes to to creating a press release? Then find out how you can get a press release written for you by professional writers!
  • Get to know about the pro’s and con’s to using free press release distribution services!
  • Learn all the helpful tips and advice not only about creating and distributing press releases, but also  how to reach out to your audience!
  • Not too sure whether you should go with a paid for press release distribution service or a free one… I’ve got the all the differences and benefits between the two that will help you decide!
  • Learn how keywords are equally important for both articles and Press Releasess, to have a dynamic impact on search engines and the ranking of your Press Release!
  • See an example of one of the most high converting formatted Press Releases to use as a template to create your very own Press Release!
  • Find out about the tools that the Gurus use to finding the right keywords for your Press Release!
  • Find out why the best Press Releases talk to you as a friend and not in a spammy sales promotion manner, and how it can effect your marketing efforts!

And that is of course just a small portion of what you will learn in this incredibly jam packed Press Release Guide!



Just  before you go off on a tangent and think that I am about to overcharge you for this report, her is some food for thought.

Picture in your mind a realistic progression for your business, and exponential increase of income, leading to the type of succes that your competitors can only dream of. Now if you knew that you could make a small investment to produce these type of results …wouldn’t you invest in it?

I am now assuming that you would, because after all, you got to spend a little to make a lot.

This value of the information inside this report, far outweighs the cost of it. With the strategies and methods I am giving you there is just absolutely no way you could not make back your money many times over. The only condition is that you take the appropriate action.

Eeven though this great Press Release Guide teaches you how to also find people to write press releases for you, it actually teaches you how to do it yourself…and that within itself is more than worthy of the investment.

Many people charge anywhere from $147-$347 for a Good Quality Press Release.

I am well aware of it’s value and bargain…having said all that, I could easily charge $97+ for this report and have orders coming in all day long.

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I will flat out give you your money back!

Press Release Booster Guarantee

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