6 Amazingly Powerful Press Release Format Tips For Success

A basic definition of a press release is anything that is sent to the media to announce a news item. A press release is sometimes referred to as a press statement, media release or news release and it should follow the standard press release format. Press releases are typically sent to a wide range of media sources, including newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, and online media.

Who Uses Press Releases and Why?

A press release is an essential tool for public relations and marketing professionals. It is usually a written statement that announces a newsworthy item to the media. Press statements are generally received by reporters, bloggers, photojournalists and other media professionals.

Press statements can announce a variety of different news items, such as a feature story, an upcoming event, a promotional campaign, a new service or product, or an award or achievement.

1 – General Formatting Information

A standard press release is formatted in the following way:

  • Between 400 – 600 words (1-2 pages)
  • No use of personal pronouns (I, you, we)
  • A commonly used font (Calibri, or Times New Roman)
  • Single-spaced paragraphs with a full line space in between
  • White paper with 1″ margins

2 – The Standard Press Release Format In Use Today

While there are no set rules for writing a press release, professionals typically follow a series of conventions. Media representatives like journalists or bloggers often receive numerous press releases daily. Following the standard press release format will ensure they can find important information quickly.

3 – The Header

The header of a press release usually contains a company logo, contact information, and a release date. For urgent items ‘for immediate release’ is written, otherwise ‘for release on:’ is used, followed by a date and time.

The contact information is sometimes put at the end of the statement, but it should include:

  • Contact Name
  • Company Name
  • Telephone/Mobile/Fax Number
  • E-mail address
  • Website/Social Media Account Information

4 – The Headline, Sub-headline, and Dateline

A well-written headline is an essential part of an effective press release. The headline should draw the reader in and encourage them to read the entire document. Headlines need to be short (between 80-160 characters), written in simple language, center-formatted, in a larger font and in bold.

While a sub-headline is not necessary, it’s an opportunity to further develop the main point of the news item. It should not be a mere repetition of the headline.

A dateline tells the reader the location and date of the news item and is written in capital letters. A dash is used to separate the dateline from the first sentence of the first body paragraph.

5 – The Body Paragraphs And Boilerplate

The first body paragraph should contain only the most essential information relating to the news item. It should be factual and not focused on promoting a particular company or product.

The following paragraphs should give the reader a complete picture of the news item. They ought to be short (2-4 sentences) and usually include quotes, statistics, links and other types of media content such as pictures or videos.

The Boilerplate is the final paragraph of a press statement. It contains important company information and should be factual.

6 – The Footer

The last part of the standard press release format is the end notation. If the document is one page, “###’ needs to be center-formatted and at the bottom. If the document is more than one page, “-more-” is written in the same manner.

The Importance Of A Well-Written Press Release

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of following the standard press release format. As for any communication with the media, it should be factual, grammatically correct and written in a professional style.

How to Boost the Amazing Value of a Press Release

Writing a substantial Press Release is very important in completing a Search Engine Optimization task, because of its crucial role in bringing traffic to the website. The release will largely determine the success of the website and both the type and quality of traffic that leads people toward it.

You undoubtedly need a persuasive release to get the word out and inform the local and global audiences about your product and service. This will dramatically increase your popularity. It will most certainly make your website much more accessible to search engine spiders and robots too. When someone searches for your product or anything related to it, your website will pop up on the top of the ranks.

You have to learn two things about Press Releases.

Both of the above are equally important and cannot be ignored.

Writing a Press Release requires creativity and focus. Specific facts about your product must be presented to the readers. There is a temptation to be general with the press release because you want to tease the audience. Yet, you have to be very careful because readers tend to lose interest in something that’s vague. You don’t have to reveal the entire picture. Select the important details and the key features of the product. This should persuade the reader to take interest in your product and service.

Even if you are presenting facts, you still have to write in a very engaging manner. The key is to write an Effective Release in such a way that even laymen can understand the jargon behind the product or service. A Press Release should be engaging but it should never be hard sell. Instead, you need to present your features well, because they will ultimately have to sell the product.

It goes without saying that your release should be absolutely free from spelling and grammatical errors. These are just totally unforgivable. In the end, your press release should be flawless, engaging, and presentable.

The other critical aspect of a release relates to its dissemination. Once you’ve written the perfect piece, it’s time to make the whole world read what you have written. You cannot just rely on the convincing powers of the piece itself. Many people think they can succeed with the Press Release itself, only to end up highly disappointed and even stumped at times.

Your website has to land a top spot in top search engines to create a buzz. As the creator of your website, you must get hold of Press Release Traffic Tactics that boost the visibility of the release. Website owners usually consult a guide on PR traffic techniques to help them boost their traffic and consequently, the sales of their product or service.

If necessary you need to obtain a guide or ebook, that walks you through the methods that will guarantee a constant flow of traffic. It should be able to show you examples of Press Releases that have made it big with the right techniques. People shouldn’t be intimidated of this aspect of the Release, as it is all part of the job and equally important in the success of the website viewership.

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Press Release Writing – A Most Neglected Marketing Tool

Despite how big your business may be, or whatever niche of the market it operates in, as well as whatever products or services it provides, it needs to always remain in touch with everyone. Even if the business has a huge pool of reputable as well as steadfast clients, it is nonetheless bound periodically to educate them about the most recent advancements in the business.

Nowadays individuals have a tendency to pertain to advertisements as oversimplified and overemphasized statements. What procedures should be taken by the business to get their interest?

The answer is easy i.e. the company ought to create a press release, which is usually a short one page insightful letter that gives the viewers essential information on the newest and most relevant advancements in a business. It must contain your address as well as the name of the company. The very first paragraph of the press release ought to respond to a number of inquiries, with one of the most essential being that of what, where as well as when. It has to be concise, yet consist of sufficient details to increase the interest aspect of the viewers.

By creating a press release, the firm can obtain the interest of the mass media representatives, specifically that of journalists, commentators, correspondents and publishers. They are deemed as relied-on resources and everyone is inclined to pay attention to their perspectives. Individuals usually hold the belief that these media representatives express independent and also neutral opinions. Their involvement in your story, will most definitely have a bigger influence on potential clients or customers.

Press release writing should nevertheless not be seen as just making up an additional promotion. If you have composed a press release and it looks more like an advertising campaign, then put in a concerted attempt to rewrite it till it looks like an interesting write-up.

What is the supreme perk of a press release if done in the above manner? Where a traditional ad might cost you much energy, abilities and also hard cash, the writing of a press release is much more beneficial.

Even the titans of the business and company world, publish press releases from time to time. You consequently require to use all of the efficient, yet low cost tools at your disposal, and a press release is definitely one of them.

Press Release Distribution Services

Press Release Distribution Services

Not all press release distribution services yield the desired results. This is despite the fact that press releases are no doubt a great medium to ensure that businesses get to convey messages across to audiences in an industry that the business specializes in. The biggest advantage that a press release enjoys is credibility. News that comes from an authority in the same industry gets accepted easily. That’s the reason why these press releases are often used, to promote products and services.

Needless to say, an effectual press release starts with an effective and newsworthy content. The problem with press releases is that the data gets obsolete quickly. Hence it’s important to write about content, that’s recent. The title or the headline should be an eye grabber. The subtext too, is important and should be simple and easy to comprehend.

An effective press release submission, can improve the quantity and quality of traffic that flows to a website, almost overnight. You could use these to make an announcement of a new product or service or the introduction of a new strategy, or use these to create an online awareness about your brand. It is therefore essential to align yourself with an internet marketing company that specializes in top press release distribution services.

A word of caution though is that not all press release strategies are designed alike. While some manage to top the search lists in Google, Yahoo and Bing, there are some that languish in obscurity with little or no online exposure at all. Any reputable press release syndication service must as a minimum, manually submit your press release to the best 50 – 90 handpicked press release directories.

Also make sure that the press releases are distributed slowly and steadily. That’s because of news search engines that detect and filter out duplicates, if the same press release is submitted through more than one wire service on the same day.

Insist on quality and use press release submission services that are highly rated in the market. Ensure that the provider is knowledgeable about SEO services rendering, with the emphasis on “Cost Effective” services. Their clients must be a mixed bag of small as well as larger companies, thus offering top class services across a wide spectrum.

The company must preferably also include a well maintained group of networks, which help in getting global exposure to all the clients assisted by the company’s content distribution partners. After submission, the website needs to receives the desired response, and draw a large amount of traffic in order to increase their sales.

The company should take care of all the needs of the clients which could include news of new appointments and of the newly launched products. Value add services should include that customers are kept well informed about the upcoming ideas and needs arising in the market, thus helping them improve their business.

The company needs to render high quality services to their clients at very competent prices. Based on the budget and needs of the clients, a company should preferably offer a variety of packages for their clients of which a Press Release Writing Service option must be included. SEO approved content for the client’s press release, focusing primarily on the main and relevant keywords, is non-negotiable. The content has to pass through a quality check, before being published.

Regular and consistent press release syndication should enhance the business of any client at a fairly rapid rate after employing a reputable press release distribution service. The clients should also be able to attach informative and attractive things like logos, in addition to the service provider having a website that is very user-friendly, and easily accessible.

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Press Release Writing Services

Press Release Writing – A Most Neglected Marketing Service

Irrespective of how huge your company might be, or whatever specific niche of the market it operates in, and also whatever solutions or items it offers, it should consistently stay in touch with the public. Even if the firm has a huge pool of steadfast and also trustworthy customers, it is nevertheless bound periodically to notify them about the most recent developments in the company.

Nowadays individuals often tend to relate to promotions as simplistic and also exaggerated statements. What procedures should be taken by the business to get their interest?

The response is straightforward i.e. the company should develop a press release, which is normally a brief one web page, but interesting letter that give the viewers some details on the most current newsworthy developments in a firm. The very first paragraph of the press release ought to address a number of relevant facts, with the most crucial being that of exactly what, where and also when.

By producing a press release, the firm can acquire the interest of the information media reps, particularly that of reporters, publishers, correspondents and analysts. They are considered as highly reliable sources, and the public is inclined to pay attention to their viewpoints. People generally hold the belief that these media agents share independent and objective point of views, and their involvement in your story, will certainly have a larger influence.

Press release writing should nonetheless not be seen as simply making up another advertisement. It must instead be viewed as interaction that is concentrated on some relevant event, that will be equally valued by the broader public. If you have written a press release that looks more like a promotion, you should immediately try to reword it until it appears like an interesting article. It has to be fit for publication in any kind of newspaper, online publication or clinical journal. Both the visitors and also media will quickly turn down as well as disregard any kind of writing that is bordering on spam, or otherwise not adding news worthiness to the subject at hand.

Exactly what is the best perk of a press release if carried out in the above fashion? Despite the fact that companies often create these releases, just a couple of individuals actually understand that by releasing them, you obtain among the highest direct exposure for your organization. Where a standard promotion could cost you much in effort, skills, time as well as money, the writing of a press release is different. It is unquestionably one of one of the most efficient, most affordable as well as ideal custom-oriented advertising and marketing tools.

Even the titans of the global organisations loke Coke and Macdonalds, publish press releases every now and then. It is for this very reason that makes it crucial for any sort of brand-new entrants in whichever industry, to obtain the maximum feasible exposure for their companies as well. One ought to keep in mind that it is extremely challenging to survive in today’s ever-changing and extremely competitive atmosphere. You as a result have to utilize every one of the efficient yet low cost tools at hand, as well as a press release is absolutely one of them.

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