Press Releases Are Not Effective – Unless Used Wisely

Have you at some point found that press releases are not effective, and actually became bored by the content? How many times have you come across buzzwords like “award-winning”, ‘breakthrough’, “exclusive”, “state-of-the-art” and ‘leading’, within a press release? Were you then tempted just to skip the whole thing without even reading it?

In some cases, the above scenario was reported in probably 9 out of 10 cases. Whilst it is true that press releases are probably a great medium to get news and views across to customers, many businesses often overuse or abuse this medium. This has the negative and sometimes unintended effect of driving people away from their content and product or service.

What Constitutes a Great Press Release?

“A great press release is undoubtedly all about good content”. Good content does not necessarily mean that it is keyword rich or perfectly Search Engine Optimized.  content. A perfect news release just simply incorporates important elements like What, Where, Why and Who and How. Try to incorporate as many elements as you can in the headline itself, without making it too lengthy. These are the guidelines usually followed by established news release strategists and well-known press release distribution services.

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When referring to headlines again, it is important to have a killer one that’s sure to grab the viewer’s attention. But once again, try to consciously avoid any clichés as some can be misinterpreted and detract from the real message.  Press Release editors dislike it with a passion, when businesses brag about themselves. Sales pages that are subtly disguised as press releases are almost guaranteed to be thrown out. Even if you have managed to get your press release published, you will still find difficulty in grabbing the reader’s attention.

Make absolutely sure that the press release provides the reader with an action opportunity that is easy to implement. Customers aren’t interested in reading any fancy announcements unless it’s of either tangible or intangible use to them i.e. value must be derived. In this respect, free trials, white paper downloads, special offers, webinars and newsletters are all great ideas to engage the reader’s attention. It is much more advisable to use these words, in preference over clichés that sound pompous, and builds up false expectations.

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A Reputable Press Release Syndication Service will ensure that when a business submits a press release, the news gets straight to popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The story is also further guaranteed to be published in news sites like Google and Yahoo News. The press release should ideally be lapped up by search engines, because it delivers true value.

It makes absolute sense to write press releases that are newsworthy, as opposed to wasting online space through drab, dull and boring releases. In addition, also think of the potential backlash against your company’s brand, if there is a perception that your press release is more about sales, than a compelling message. Remember that contemporary marketing is all about brand and reputation. Potential customers nowadays, will first look at your online reputation before even considering your services and products on offer, so make your press releases highly effective.

Press Release Writing – A Most Neglected Marketing Tool

Despite how big your business may be, or whatever niche of the market it operates in, as well as whatever products or services it provides, it needs to always remain in touch with everyone. Even if the business has a huge pool of reputable as well as steadfast clients, it is nonetheless bound periodically to educate them about the most recent advancements in the business.

Nowadays individuals have a tendency to pertain to advertisements as oversimplified and overemphasized statements. What procedures should be taken by the business to get their interest?

The answer is easy i.e. the company ought to create a press release, which is usually a short one page insightful letter that gives the viewers essential information on the newest and most relevant advancements in a business. It must contain your address as well as the name of the company. The very first paragraph of the press release ought to respond to a number of inquiries, with one of the most essential being that of what, where as well as when. It has to be concise, yet consist of sufficient details to increase the interest aspect of the viewers.

By creating a press release, the firm can obtain the interest of the mass media representatives, specifically that of journalists, commentators, correspondents and publishers. They are deemed as relied-on resources and everyone is inclined to pay attention to their perspectives. Individuals usually hold the belief that these media representatives express independent and also neutral opinions. Their involvement in your story, will most definitely have a bigger influence on potential clients or customers.

Press release writing should nevertheless not be seen as just making up an additional promotion. If you have composed a press release and it looks more like an advertising campaign, then put in a concerted attempt to rewrite it till it looks like an interesting write-up.

What is the supreme perk of a press release if done in the above manner? Where a traditional ad might cost you much energy, abilities and also hard cash, the writing of a press release is much more beneficial.

Even the titans of the business and company world, publish press releases from time to time. You consequently require to use all of the efficient, yet low cost tools at your disposal, and a press release is definitely one of them.